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Oct 29, 2019
Missed pre-order. Hit "Request" months ago. Drop did not notify.  Discovered availability, via Tashi's Instagram. 23 days from order date to arrival. Drop CS unable to provide substantive answers along the way. 5-14 day promised delivery moved as knife landed various places. Went from China to Netherlands to Oakland (10,000 miles) Why not China to SF? (5,000 miles) Box crushed Flipper tab indeed painful. What role is detent playing? Still Massdrop logo. Still billboarding on blade. Most of this documented here - why still shipping? Some minor cosmetic (chipping) issues with slots in CF $300. (CF) “value” not as good as Keen or Ferrum Forges.  Shipping individual orders from China = no backup pool in US.  No way to fix issues. Try another? Wanna wait another 3 weeks? BHQ, KSF, DLT pricing for delayed shipping, CS reps in the dark, functional and cosmetic issues with no way to get fixed. Tashi and Reate not complimented.
Oct 29, 2019
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