Matt3o Nerd DSA Keycap Set
Matt3o Nerd DSA Keycap Set
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Show off your fluency in Russian or Elvish with these Matt3o Nerd DSA keycap sets. Each set is sculpted in the DSA profile and made through a process of dye sublimation Read More

Sep 30, 2020
This has been up with all but the Elven numpad out of stock for closing in on a year... please either restock or take it down
Sep 20, 2020
I love these pure Cyrillic keycaps, but I honestly wish the "А" and "О" keys had little nubs to know where my pointer fingers go ("F" and "J" on QWERTY). Every other keyboard I've used has had that. Is there a way to buy those or recommend that to the creator??
Sep 19, 2020
Any chance to see a rerun of a dual Rus base set? Gonna buy at least 2 full sets.
Sep 16, 2020
+1 for russian base kit
Sep 15, 2020
Hi I think I'm a dumbass because I can't see the option to buy the full cyrillic set, I'm only getting "extras" and "numpad". How?????????????????????
Sep 14, 2020
Am I really going to have to be the one to point this out? Well, okay, here goes then. The nerdiest comment I've ever left on a product review. The Elvish is wrong. Or, at least, misleading. What they've done here is map each tengwa (glyph) to the key you have to press to get that tengwa when using one of Daniel Smith's Elvish fonts. So if you have one of those fonts installed, and you press, say, the "1" key, you will get the tengwa that's on that keycap. So far so good. But that character is not the tengwa for the numeral "1". It's actually the tengwa which (in most of Tolkien's languages that use the tengwar) maps to the sound "t". That's because the designers of those fonts back in the day decided to just map the keyboard's physical layout (on US keyboards anyway) to this table, which presents the tengwar in an order that makes sense to a linguist. This is important because if you buy this keyboard and then start typing on it while using one of the Elvish fonts, what you will get out won't be the tengwar transcription of what you're typing, it will just be complete gibberish. It also won't help you learn or memorize what tengwar correspond to which Latin letters or sounds. It will only help you if you already know the tengwar and just want help remembering which tengwa is on which key for those particular Elvish fonts. In fairness, I kind of understand why they did it this way, because there is no single correct mapping of tengwar to phonemes; it depends on whether you're writing Sindarin, or Quenya, or Nandorin, or something else completely. If you buy the version that doesn't have the Latin characters on each key, you could presumably just install the key caps in whatever positions make sense. But if you buy the version that has both, make sure you understand what you're actually getting. Incidentally, I have no idea what the text on the modifier keys says. It's at least vaguely intelligible, but it's neither English nor any Elvish language I'm familiar with. The shift key reads "ortho", caps lock reads "pedi kaun", and tab reads "sarv". It looks like it's using a mode intended for writing English. Maybe I'm transliterating it using the wrong mode; if anyone happens to see this who knows what the intent was here, I'd love to know!
Sep 15, 2020
Sep 15, 2020
I hadn't until after I posted that. Seems to corroborate my guesses as to motivation, though I'm perplexed by the claim that it's using the mode of Beleriand, since it very clearly isn't. (The mode of Beleriand uses tengwar for vowel sounds, but the mode used on the key caps uses tehtar like every other mode.) I can sympathize with the designer's dilemma here. I guess it comes down to intent. If your intent is to type in the tengwar using one of those specific fonts (as opposed, say, to one of the fonts that maps the tengwar to a Unicode private use area), then this is great. If your intent is to learn the tengwar by typing on a keyboard that has tengwar printed on the keys, it's not.
Sep 8, 2020
Weekly plea to restock the Elven Dual-Base!
Aug 29, 2020
Russian extras: what size is the shift? I need a 2.0U shift is that 2.0U or 2.25U?
Aug 27, 2020
+1 to run the Elven Dual-Base again!
Aug 20, 2020
Please run Elven Dual-Base again!
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