Mcusta VG-10 Friction Folding Knife
Mcusta VG-10 Friction Folding Knife
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Based in Seki City, Japan, Mcusta combines Japanese tradition with modern materials. This slip joint folder leans more to the traditional side Read More

Jul 15, 2018
I actually like it, but not sure i can justify that price on a friction folder in vg10......
But the yellow and black handle is interesting, and the wavy separation line between the vg10 and cladding sure is purdy. Bet it would look great with a bit of an etch to accentuate it further
But again....vg10, no clue on type of metal for cladding, and no explanation of what each wood is? Is the black Ebony, or dyed wood? That could make a big difference in value, for example...
EDIT: in looking for info on the wood and cladding material, found other sources for this knife for cheaper. $130 here, free shipping at my zip code (US buyer)
Jul 14, 2018
Not a slip joint
Jul 14, 2018
Such a gorgeous knife would join this drop in a second, but for someone as not-always-paying-attention as me, this seems like an accident waiting to happen.
Jul 14, 2018
Friction Folder.....not a slip joint.
Yeah, that is misleading. It's a good looking knife and I'd be interested if it was a slip joint. I don't like the how the opening lever hangs out on friction dosers.