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Apr 17, 2017
I notice a lot of people are asking for overview/review. Sorry, I can't really give a review because I'm still extremely new to fidget spinners, no more than 2 days experience and this is my first spinner that I own. I brought the titanium grey version, from Black Tactical Singapore for $101 SGD (It took me long to decide to buy one because I was already satisfied fidgeting with my cell phone but the salesman was such a nice guy showing me all his ware and sharing his enthusiasm so I feel bad for not buying anything and it only cost me about $12 SGD more. My main intention was just to try it out then order it here at mass drop)

Here is my opinion or overview. Compared to most cheap 28 SGD brass spinner executive which is china ripped off(But pretty good for it price) that I spend about 10 mins playing with it.
On the surface MecArmy's spinner is pretty damn good it has smooth finish, no sharp edges and cutting precision.... only way to describe is feels like holding Tudor titanium watch(in terms of surface finish)
As an Asian dude, I have small hands compared to western's counterpart. The spinners fit into my hand just fine compared to the fake executive spinner when it keeps hitting my fingers before I could lift my finger off.
As for spinning experience MecArmy is pretty smooth and quiet. It does produce noise if use you both hands to give it a hard spin but overall it very tolerable to me at least while the spinner executive much quieter almost inaudible in more cases. MecArmy does wobble when moving from vertical to horizontal which is to be expected due bar design but I kinda like that feeling. Spinner executive I barely feel any wobble.
While spinning I tend to have my finger slightly touching it to feel the glide and it felt good due to the sand blast smooth finish. I can't say the same for the spinner executive as it gets sticky after fidgeting with it for a while due to flat finish combine with the warm wet humidity in my area.
I did try the MecArmy copper version but i didn't like it due to extra weight painful knocking into my fingers whenever I try to stop or re-spin it. Could be due my inexperience with spinners or it takes time to get used to having weights knocking into my fingers.
To Satisfy the trolls, Yes I can agree its a waste of money. But it's good kindof a waste of money(lack of better term), this spinner much smaller than my cell phone therefore it causes less distraction at work especially in meetings and if I drop it wouldn't make my heart sink for my wallet as much as my iPhone7 Plus. My GF said the same thing as there cheaper options, luckily she understands because she can relate to wasting money on things we don't really need that serves no real purpose as she does it herself so long I don't go overboard. I told her about finishing and feel which is the deciding factor(I left out the nice salesman part, I hope she doesn't read this). She was a bit skeptical as she knows I can be quite naive at times and she give it a pantyhose test by rubbing it on her leg to see of it rips it apart and so far it passed the test flawlessly.
So there you have it, my opinion about the MecArmy's spinner. It's my first spinner and probably my last as I only use it for a short period of time in office and also never at home or hanging out with my Friends/GF.
Apr 17, 2017
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