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Jan 2, 2017
I want this, but I'm not convinced it will be useful.
I love my Olight i3S, which runs off one AAA battery and is only a little longer than the battery, has a clip for pocket or hat brim, and three brightness settings. Low and High are about the same as this MechArmy, though I use the medium setting the most. It's built out of Aluminu, andonized black.
I'm interested in the Blue'd Titanium Illuminex. More interesting material (would be my first titanium anything), possibly "disappear" weight and maybe actually go on my keychain instead of in my pocket, and it has the built-in recharging. The price is also lower than I have seen (USA to USA). However, the cheapest price is not buying it at all since I have a serviceable light already. If I buy a rechargeable AAA, I already own a charger, plus if I'm away from a charger it's much easier to find a AAA battery "off the shelf," I think. I always have pockets, and usually leave my keys in a locker at work but I use my i3S at work, so the Illuminex would have to be clipped onto something on my person (maybe my SAK in my pocket), the i3S basically hasn't been noticeable anyway. Weight hasn't been an issue. So really... it just comes down to, is a tiny titanium gadget cool enough on that Merit to spend $34 or so?
I realize that's a personal value, but I'm curious about what others would choose?
Jan 2, 2017
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