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Aug 31, 2018
I received the M6 Sport. To start they are not $50 IEMs. That said, for $14 they ain't bad.
I initially had some trouble getting them on, but figured it out after some trial and error. The large single flange tips give me the best seal and secure feeling. I never use the same tips on any IEM. Sometimes it double or triple flange. Never foam.
Build quality seems on par for a $15 IEM. They are about the same as my OnePlus Bullets. The M6 come with a variety of tips and a nice case that’ll keep them from getting crushed in your bag or pocket.
I did my initial listening via an iPad Pro and Pixel 2 (dongle). Neither had any problem driving the M6 to uncomfortable listening levels. 50-60% volume level is the sweet spot for IPad Pro. 75% for Pixel 2.
As for sound, it's V shaped. Emphasis on bass and treble. The detail and seperation is average. The M6 have a fairly open sound stage as opposed to the in your head sound you get from some IEMs like the Klipsch X11i.
The bass is slightly boomy but not terribly so. It can get sloppy on some tracks like ‘You Know I’m No Good’ by Amy Winehouse, but again at this price pint I’m not going to be overly critical.
The treble is toward the bright side, but I haven't noticed any irritating spikes. Although I can see it getting fatiguing over a long listening session. I would compare the treble to my radio SR80.
Overall the M6 have a lively/fun sound that’ll work well with most genres. My initial test included, rock, rap, r&b and jazz. It handled all well. If the M6 had a microphone they might turn into my daily at work desk drivers. Thus, I'll stick with my OnePlus Bullets for conference /phone calls an occasional music. As I stated at the beginning for $14 these are a good deal if your looking for a fun sounding beater IEM. I’ll stick with my Pinnacle PX and X11i for critical IEM listening.
I listened to the M6 Sport all day at work via my MacBook Pro. Mostly jazz and I have got to say for $14 these sound great. They were very comefortable and not fatiguing. I'm adding an extra star to my original rating.
Aug 31, 2018
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