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Sep 4, 2018
Yikes! That's a 20 that I'm never getting back.
I got the X1's, and I don't know if MEE's ever gonna be on my list if I ever consider a higher end IEM. Not like I know anything about MEE anyways, and next time I do a blind box I think I'll research the company a little more. The downsides appear as soon as you put them on. These things are uncomfortable! They stay on, but that's mostly by brute force of the plastic tubing on the over-ear part, and that thing feels like a fake earing clamping on the back of your ear. The single buttoned remote it stupidly difficult to press, especially while moving like running or anything.
The sound itself isn't anything to write home about either. it's like a sloping downward sound signature. The bass is overpowering, boomy and echoey, the mids are overpresent, and anything above 12khz will just either not exist or pierce your ears. It also seems like once a song, regardless of the volume, that dampened high will scream into your ears. I'm not expecting much soundstage from a budget IEM, but these have the scale of a pair of sunglasses.
I feel like it would be a waste to throw them in the trash, but it's already a waste of materials to manufacture these things.
Sep 4, 2018
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