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Apr 26, 2016
Got these in. Gotta say that the head fi review was right, these are very aggressive in the highs and mids. They are very fatiguing headphones. I might try to add some more foam padding to them to help make them more mellow. As it is I can't listen to these for more than 30 min before my ears hurt. Listening to Drum and Bass is hard since the snare hits are piercing. Other than that the sound quality is impressive for the price. Clarity is good. Bass is a bit recessed while treble stands out. They are very easy to drive and on my Nexus 6p they need to be around half volume. Build quality is good and they are extremely light weight. Got these to keep in my pack always for when I dont want to lug around full sized cans and these will do the job for that. Ill post again after I put more foam in the cups to mellow out the sound.
Apr 26, 2016
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