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Nov 1, 2016
I received mine about a week ago and I have to say I am very pleased with them! They were a bit awkward to put on correctly the first time due to the shape, but no problem after I figured it out and adjusted them to my head. I find them very comfortable to wear, without any noticeable fatigue or pain over long periods of time. They definitely feel secure in my ears, and I don't worry about them falling out at all. I've worn them on my runs, and they stay in place without concern .
The bluetooth connectivity works well with my iPhone 6 Plus. When turning them on, they quickly pair with my phone and perform as desired. Occasionally, upon powering them on, I'll have to disconnect them using my phone and reconnect with them to get my music to play through them (not a big issue for me though).
As per sound quality, I think these are just great. I'm not an audiophile by any means, but the range appears to be very good and excellent sound clarity.
I'm very pleased with my purchase, and highly recommend them for anyone that is on the fence about them.
Nov 1, 2016
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