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Feb 19, 2017
I have an Air-Fi Venture [model 1?] I think I got on an eggsaver buy a few years back. It is ok, this looks like the upgrade from the upgrade. More weight than I usually want to have on my head, and the sound is not more or less than meh. Biggest plus for me is mowing is better when I don't tangle the cord - from the IEMs i prefer - going around the crab trees. Noise reduction is decent on the Venture, so the Matrix are likely ok too, although the IF review doesn't suggest so. The microphone works ok too, and they stay charged for the next time I remember to try them. The Matrix looks like it will definitely sound better - that will be good. I won't be going there, though the temptation is real. YMMV.
Feb 19, 2017
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