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Feb 15, 2016
Bass: Quite nice, actually. Punchy and present while doing a decent job of staying out of the mid-range. That said, the bass still impacts the clarity of the mids, mostly on the lower range. At high volumes and on overly bass heavy songs, there can be some clearly audible distortion on the low end during bass heavy sections.
Mids: The emphasis on bass and the overly warm (to my taste) leaning of the iems means that clarity isn't great. Detail and clarity get worse the closer you get towards the lower mids. I won't lambaste the headphone too much at this price but if you want solid mids then you can probably find better options at this price point, although you might lose some bass in the process.
Highs: No sibilance and not peaky thanks to the warm sound signature. The detail suffers as a result, though. I wouldn't call the highs bad but they're nothing to write home about. I guess it's to be expected with a warm iem.
Other things to note:
Price: These were ever so slightly cheaper in the MEE grab bag but I won't complain about a $1 difference. That said, the street price for these is about $45. I do wish MassDrop started posting street price instead of MSRP.
Microphonics: The microphonics of the cable is, in all honesty, quite dreadful. I have to tuck the cord into my jacket to avoid it touching my collar and taking me right out of the music. Wearing them over ear is a bit finicky to put on since the cables don't want to stay over your ears.
Mic/Remote: Functions normally on my Lumia Icon and Lumia 950.
3.5mm Jack: I wish they removed the little stub that sticks out since it increases the height of an already rather big jack.
Build: Seems fine. Not a fan of the cable as it's a bit too sticky and microphonic. Build is fine for the price, imo.
My past/current iems are: V-Sonic GR07 Mk. II (main iem), Mee M-Duo, UE Triple Fi-10, Nuforce NE-600X (very limited experience).
Feb 15, 2016
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