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May 16, 2018
When they actually worked they were honestly pretty great. Audio was surprisingly clear and even for such a price. I liked the color and look of the buds and they were decently comfortable. However, mine failed within three weeks of light use. These earbuds were only used at my office job and nowhere else. They weren't jostled around from any intense workouts, they weren't poorly handled or tied up horribly or even tangled. I gave them the same amount of care I give my $250 earbuds (like I do all my earbuds) and these still broke inside of a month. Maybe I got the lemon of the bunch, but I'm still disappointed.
Only reason I'm barely posting my negative review now is because I had already forgotten about them (due to the cheap price) until massdrop sent one of those automated emails asking what I thought.
I certainly hope MEE's $100 earbuds aren't of similar build quality, or else I'm gonna regret entering that drop as well. Avoid these if you can, buy some of those cheap phillips earbuds on amazon or at grocery stores, those last much longer and have similar audio quality. They're comftier too.
May 16, 2018
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