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Jul 10, 2015
To anyone who got the k7xx's, and even the guy who got the HD-800's for that matter, I'd recommend getting either the Schiit Vali (only for k7xx's), the Schiit Magni, or the Garage1217 Project Ember or Project Solstice (for both the k7's and the 800's). DON'T get a DAC, it isn't worth it unless you have an excess of money, and instead put more money into amp, as it makes much more of a difference. As to the whole amp doesn't help that much thing... Honestly, if you wont really notice a difference until you get used to the better amp, and then the old stuff sounds much worse, so as long as you stay reasonable (under 400) and/or buy used, the better amps WILL make a significant difference in sound quality. Congrats to the winners by the way, it must feel so incredible to win something with these odds... :)
Jul 10, 2015
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