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Jul 23, 2015
Got an A151p and m duo. M Duo Not impressed. I don't like the bass, i feel like a lot of detail gets muddles/hidden due to the bass but the bass never sounds like its too much. I can't explain it, i just feel like a lot of detail is lost on track i normally listen to... Not impressed with the array of songs i tested. Quality is nice tho.
A151p.... WOW... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. Impressed me a lot considering how cheap it is on Amazon. there is some sibilance at times where the CH and SH sounds can be a bit much but its never so bad that its offensive but sometimes you hear it especially on a track you normally listen to with you normal setup. But details... There is good details and I love the bass on them. The bass is not too much but it is accentuated and sounds clean. What a joy and surprise to listen to.
Very disappointed with the M Duo, it's just not my type of sound. It is a good product but not for me.
A151P is fantastic for the price, I really cant fault it much
I ordered comply tips for both so we will see. THey really improved the sound of my SE535 and isolation.
Jul 23, 2015
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