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Jul 24, 2015
So just a quick review of the red m-duos that I got. After listening to them for a few hours I have to say I'm not too impressed. I understand they cost me less than $30, but hey, right now they are $60ish on amazon. Anyway, in general, the quality of the audio is horrible. Not sure if it's the cable used or the drivers themselves, but they sound like your listening to a low quality YouTube video in 2010. Highs are pretty clear, sometimes a bit loud but nothing bad at all. Mids are where the audio quality seems to be totally lost. The mids sound spot on volume wise, but clarity is poor. Lows are alright, not gonna lie, I was expecting more punch because of the dual driver but lows are still pretty good and relatively tight.
Overall they really are solid little ear buds but once again, mine sound very low quality. Tested on my Note 4, and also my audioengine d1 dac. I would totally recommend them for $30-40, but at the current amazon price of $60, buy some klipsch s4s. My klipsch s4is, combined with comply tips are FAR superior, and cost me total $65.
Just my 2c. Thanks massdrop for the excellent drop!
Jul 24, 2015
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