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Jul 28, 2015
Update: Got Comply Tips for M-Duo.... I already did not like the m-duo due to the bass and lack of detail.. It if FAR worse now with the comply tips. Comfortable and good seal but now it sounds like I'm listening to party with a lot of bass from another room/floor. Everything sounds muffled and low detail but bass is there. Really sounds like im in another room listening to a party with huge woofers.
I haven't tried to the comply tips with the 151P but I loved the 151P so I'm hoping for good things.
update 2: Been playing with the A151P and Comply tips. Better isolation and seal. Bass feels nice, more accentuated, and details still there. Sounds "Smoother" and slightly warmer than old tips. LOVE it. Maybe theres something defective about my m-duo... I don't know but these 151p sound MILES better than the m-duo. Clear detail, good bass, and great value. Very pleased.
Jul 28, 2015
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