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Nov 21, 2015
Joined the 10% A151P group. Not too pleased I must say. I mean nothing derogatory to the IEM, but there is an ongoing battle, personal grudge that I can never seem to escape from.
The headset has no high end driven from my phone's weak output amp. My portable amp can bring them to life, and for an IEM they sound quite good if you're not interested in having a soundstage.
My gripe is with the inline mic. It does not work with the my amp or any other quality portable amp that I know of. Amp is necessary for decent sound, but makes some of the hardware impotent. Gripe gripe gripe!
Maybe someday Massdrop or some enterprising individual will work with FiiO or someone to produce a portable amp that will actually work with the inline mics that are so prevalent in modern cans.
Nov 21, 2015
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