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Apr 15, 2016
welp I got the red rumble at least it is bluetooth 4.0 but god the base is way too heavy on these. I don't listen to crap like dubstep which can't even be called music to really care about having that much base. it also doesn't sit that comfortably on the ears. I might need to find new ear pads. will probably have to go back to my logitech h600 which had much better treble and mid then these things will let it burn in for a week or so and see if it balances out. if anyone knows of an equalizer program that works well on windows 10 to turn down the blasted base on these things would be much appreciate.
Edit: tested out with my phone was much better there thanks to poweramp allowing me to adjust the equalizer for this thing so well. so wish i had gotten the matrix or touch might get the new bluetooth drop to replace this was a huge disappointment.
Apr 15, 2016
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