Meta Threads Sling Bag
Meta Threads Sling Bag
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Designed to help you carry your daily essentials, the Meta Threads Sling bag keeps your gear easily accessible. The tough, waterproof exterior fabric ensures your sensitive electronics won’t get drenched in a downpour Read More

Jun 8, 2019
Sucks that this is only for the US 😟
Sorry, however you can visit the as we have international shipping from our website directly. At this low drop price it's not feasible to ship to EU.
Jun 8, 2019
Couldn't find this - what's the length of the strap?
Jun 6, 2019
Two guys who'd made a fortune in the fanny-pack business realized sales had hit the skids because fanny-packs had become tainted as being "un-cool." "Morty, what are we going to do? If this keeps up, we'll be ruined!" "Relax Abe, nothing to worry about. We just lengthen the straps and change the name to "Sling Bags" "Morty, kids aren't that dumb--they'll never fall for it!" "Abe, these aren't normal kids, these are Gen-Z kids, they believe anything you tell them! "Morty, you're a genius!!!" And Morty and Abe lived happily ever after.
I'm confused, did he have his butt grafted on to his shoulder? Because this is a fanny pack. Apologies for readers in the UK.
it's exactly a fanny pack. I think it is hilarious how every few years some fashion student fresh out of college re-discovers something like this at a Goodwill and decides to re-invent it. Because face it, if it is not a fanny pack it's a murse.
This sling bag was initially intended to hold and was released around Nintendo Switch. The dimensions are perfect to take your Switch on the go (for all gamers alike). Sorry, but again, not your typical fanny pack as you say. This bad boy is weather proof and has ballistic nylon woven through it to keep everything dry if it gets caught in a weather situation.
Jun 5, 2019
Is the logo on top white or reflective?
Mar 31, 2019
So can this be used around you waist?
Yes it can be, however most people use this across the chest to hold wallets/important items + fits Nintendo switch perfectly for gaming on the go :)
Mar 31, 2019
its only a fanny pack if the extension seat belt on Airliners Jets won’t allow buckle to lock in.
Mar 29, 2019
Got one a wile back and it has not let me down, the strap is the real deal and bag material is thin/ light but extremely durable . I use it on runs and also while at work/class. would highly recommend for a EDC.
A community member
Jun 5, 2019
Elastic Drop Container, to hold all the iems and gizmos you buy from Drop. Just kidding, everyday carry.
Nice to hear that you used this during EDC (One of the Biggest Electronic music festival in USA) and your materials were safe all night!!
Mar 28, 2019
The branding on this product is unnecessarily pretentious. There are way better options to offer in this category.
You should familiarize yourself with our product line as we have many items that are branded differently. People who purchase META know we make some of the most premium products that are best categorized in Lifestyle meets gaming.
Mar 26, 2019
All I can think is: Faith Connors cosplay
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