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Apr 27, 2015
I picked up a box of this last year for $25 from Half Price Books! Crazy huh? Didn't even manage to pull $25 of rares worth more than like $2... Yes, It was still sealed in the wizards plastic wrap! My friends and I had some fun drafting it, although it's an awkward set to draft by itself imo. But yeah, the only card of note that we pulled was a consecrated sphinx. I mean I pulled some cool rares like Glissa, every Zenith except green (the only one worth more than $2).... a Massacre Wurm, a Mirran Crusader, no Blightsteel, no swords, no tezzeret, no inkmoth. I probably got more than $25 of rares, but most of them were below $2
Apr 27, 2015
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