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Nov 13, 2018
Listen- Mitchell & Johnson are real people and they never made it secret over at Kickstarter or since that they worked with manufacturers in China/Taiwan. Geez Louise! If you want to try your chances with TaoBao or prove that it’s a good destination purchase then by all means knock yourselves out for Sharkk or Verisonix. Could be great for Instagram...But it’s not like any of these types of speakers are taking over the planet, so these are interesting to consider. In the end, how well do they perform? I own a pair of GL2 and I scored at a deep discount their “best” JP1 recently too. These cans take a long burn in time to get to maximal quality. They all are pretty darn good with electrostatz similarity to true electrostatic headphones: nice 3-d spatial distance and instrument separation with these types of headphones. These GL1 headphones are their entry model and I suspect are descent and are a good deal at this price.
Nov 13, 2018
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