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Dec 16, 2018
I purchased the GL2's from Massdrop recently. OOTB, they sounded like shit. After 72hrs of pink noise burn-in, they sounded not-shit but the stock earpads made the listening experience unbearable all around. Replacing the stock pads with Brainwavz hybrids finally lifted the veil from these cans: larger soundstage, more sub-bass, and a tad brighter than my beloved HD6XX's. However, compared to the HD6XX's, the GL2's were less resolving and vocal presentation was definitely second best. Build quality probably takes the largest hit (headband comprising mostly of cheap plastics) and nothing I've seen with the GL1's would change my mind regarding M&J's overall build quality of their offerings. All in all, the GL2 was a decent $70 purchase after a bit of pad rolling. For $500+? Lol, no.
Dec 16, 2018
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