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Sep 18, 2017
Okay so I bought this on a whim after reading some good reviews. I received it relatively quickly (Australian here), and after using it for two weeks I would definitely recommend it. I have fairly normal to dry skin tone, and occasionally get the oily 'T'.
I was using a moisturiser (Olay Moisturiser Lotion for Sensitive Skin) after showers and found that sometimes it made me red and rashy and kind of allergy-like reaction. Whilst it isn't very moisturising, I've replaced my moisturiser with this and had no issues. My skin feels smoother and I can visibly see improvements on my (very faint and mild) acne scars, it's improved my skin tone unevenness too! I honestly did not believe this would work so thought I would share my experience, as it has been a positive one.
I did try to look for this from other shops and saw that it is a bit cheaper on aliexpress, however I cannot comment on whether or not they are genuine.
Edit: I do want to add that it seems to run out quite quickly, I use a small pinky size dab once a day and I'm pretty sure I'm at least half way through my first pack after two weeks.
Sep 18, 2017
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