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Feb 26, 2013
I was part of the original kickstarter group that funded this item. The suction did not hold any of my test items to a glass table for more than six hours, nor was it able to hold them down securely when stress testing. Range of motion is very poor, and getting the item to be aligned horizontally is frustrating unless you also place the first suction against the window properly. Additionally, the grooves are useless when trying to tighten the clasps on the suctions- they actually prevent you from getting a good grip on the twist dial as they are so big. Originally, I had intended to use this for my car, but later decided to use it for my desk. Later realized that either option would be impossible, and ended up throwing the item away. Completely dissatisfied, and even at the lowest price (30% off) I would not buy this; in fact you can purchase a much better mount at only $15 or less via Amazon. A good concept item, however the overall quality was too poor.
Feb 26, 2013
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