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Jan 10, 2015
Received mine yesterday, haven't listened much admittedly but they're much nicer (to me) than the TTPOD T1-E IEM I purchased in the recent drop. The Moe's are a little bright for me and they're not as well balanced than some of my higher end phones but I guess that's to be expected. Decent bass extension (as well as reproduction) compared to phones in the same price bracket. Also, I've only tested them with my phone and my soundcard headphone output presently and they seem to be easily driven. As an aside, I didn't like the tips it shipped with at all. The mid sized ones, which are fitted by default (at least they were with my set) seem to be by far the best of the three regardless of fit. Will definitely be interchanging the tips supplied with these phones to see if I can achieve a more pleasing sound. Ultimately, they're $40 headphones and for the price, they're great!
Jan 10, 2015
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