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Apr 16, 2014
I bought one of these during a sale on Monoprice and have it dual mounted with a 24 inch Asus LED monitor. I think it's been great. It does have standard VESA mounts (100x100) and zero dead pixels. I haven't noticed any significant back light bleed though I mostly use the monitor for working, not watching video. The only thing I don't like about it (though it's not a big deal) is that the power supply for it is a little big. Other than that it's exactly what I wanted in a monitor. I'm considering buying a second one now but I'm moving into a new apartment in a week and think I might save the money to make the transition easier.
In terms of Monoprice in general: they're a company that makes their bread and butter from selling self-branded basics and cutting out the pricing added on for the brand name. Their cables for example are extremely cheap but the exact same thing as everyone else's. You can google 'Monoprice Energy speakers' to find out how they almost literally rereleased the Energy Classics (including a manual that didn't have the name changed from Energy Classics) with their brand name for a significant lower cost. That's pretty much what they do everywhere so you get some pretty high quality goods for a much lower price. I won't say everything they do ever is great, but a lot of it is and I've had a very good experience working with them but perhaps I'm just lucky.
Apr 16, 2014
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