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Oct 28, 2013
I have the Zowie version, and it blew my mind when I saw this on here. It is by far, the best mouse I have ever used. I have had quite a few mice over the years. My first journey into gaming mice was a Razer copperhead, which I loved, but after some years, the right click broke. I then purchased a Naga from Razer which developed a double click issue within a year. I also purchased a Razer Lachesis due to the Naga being utter crap for FPS... which stopped working in a year as well. So I decided Razer went to shit after they created the copperhead (also had a razer lycosa keyboard that I RMA'd twice and it came back with the same issue)
Switched to SteelSeries, and got a Sensei. Boy did I feel I got the creme de la creme of mice. A year and a half later, it developed a crazy lag along the X axis. RMAd it, a month later I got it back with the same issue.
After hearing tons of good things about this relatively small, newish company Zowie, I picked up this mouse. It's optical, but don't let that scare you. This thing is precise, and requires no drivers. It doesn't have unnecessary LEDs or OLED screens. It's just a mouse that puts the cursor where you want it, nothing more, nothing less. The fact that I had gaming mice that failed to do the whole purpose of a mouse made me shoot for simplicity over features. It has a great, soft, supple cable that doesn't get caught or cause tension on the mouse itself. It also has two MASSIVE teflon skates that make it feel like you're gliding on glass. It has a soft rubberized texture which feels good to me (coming from razer products) that I prefer over the raw plastic of my Sensei.
I have no experience with the monoprice version of this mouse, but if it is just a rebranded EC1, buy this with confidence. Best mouse I have had. Also, Logitech G500 users looking for an upgrade or a new mouse, this would be what you're looking for.
Oct 28, 2013
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