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Oct 28, 2013
"I have the Zowie version, and it blew my mind when I saw this on here. It is by far, the best mouse I have ever used."
"I have no experience with the monoprice version of this mouse, but if it is just a rebranded EC1, but this with confidence. Best mouse I have ever had."
Cannot agree more with these two sentences. This mouse is by far, the best mouse on the face of the planet. This is not me being a fanboy, this is not me being uneducated, this is me telling the absolute truth from the bottom of my heart. This is absolutely fantastic. There are no querks, no faults, no complaints, I have never ever seen a mouse as fantastic as this. The rubberized grip on this mouse is fantastic, I can use it for hours upon hours and my hands stay dry and comfortable. The sensor on this is absolutely phenomenal, picks up every single movement I give it precisely and accurately. The rocker buttons are positioned comfortably, and work amazing. Both clickers are perfectly balanced and extremely quick. The scroll wheel is comfy, aesthetically pleasing, and works amazing. Even with all this, I cannot even begin to tell you how great this mouse feels until you use it. I have turned 5 (yes, five) of my console gaming friends into PC gamers just because of how nice this mouse feels.
When this mouse was discontinued by Newegg, I almost cried, knowing that if I ever broke my mouse (which could only be done with a large vat of hydrosulfuric acid) I would never be able to get another. Now that it's on Massdrop, I plan to buy at least another one of these masterpieces, if not more for friends and family.
I honestly cannot vouch more for this mouse. If you are reading this, please continue to do your research on what mouse to get, but do it quickly, because it'll bring you to this mouse. Buy this! Right now! Do it!
Oct 28, 2013
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