Monteverde Intima BP - 10th Anniversary
Monteverde Intima BP - 10th Anniversary
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Intimate Friend

For over 10 years, the shape of the Intima has been synonymous with the Monteverde name. The alluring profile and signature "S" shaped clip helped make Intima a timeless classic. To celebrate their recent anniversary, Monteverde produced an exclusive 1999 unit run of their Intima Ballpoint Pen- 10th Anniversary Edition, featuring carbon fiber construction and unique accents.

Some Things Never Change

Before we get to the differences, let’s get some commonalities out of the way. Ergonomically designed, the 10th Anniversary Edition retains the original profile of the Intima, including that signature “S” clip. To activate the ballpoint tip, simply twist the top of the pen and you’re ready to write. To slide in a refill, unscrew the bottom and load away. For optimal performance, the Intima is compatible with Monteverde P1, P4, and PR1 ballpoint refills.

Party Favors

Now, what kind of decorations did Monteverde put up for the party? The main distinction comes in the body itself, made from carbon fiber for a pattern that shifts as you move viewing angles. Right on top of that carbon fiber barrel, they’ve engraved “Intima 10th Anniversary Limited Edition,” so you never forget where it came from. Finished with glossy black accents, the Intima hides one last tweak up top: the exact unit number from their exclusive batch. For a truly one of a kind pen that’s fashioned for formal or casual settings, touch the Monteverde Intima Ballpoint Pen- 10th Anniversary Edition to paper and never go back to Bic.

  • Black braided carbon fiber
  • Gloss black accents
  • Compatible with Monteverde P1, P4, and PR1 ballpoint refills
  • Weight- 5.6 oz (158.76 g)
  • Dimensions- 5 x 0.5 in (12.7 x 1.27 cm)

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