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Oct 22, 2019
Love the price and the grip. The factory edge has micro serrations perfect for cutting food, I spent 15 minutes honing it smooth and it dry shaved my arm with zero skin irritation- so it could be scalpel sharp if you spent the time. dislikes: rattles in the poorly fitting plastic sheath, back of the spine is very crude stamped metal. realm of possibility: 1) you could make or buy a custom sheath and then just add a new knife as needed 2) buy several and regrind your own custom wood carving set including scarf & chisel blades at 1/3 the cost. 3) leave the factory grind alone put a “V” Notch in the tip and have the mother of all tomato knives in your kitchen drawer. 4) Neck knife in a different sheath with ferro rod & small sharpening stone. have fun! You can’t go wrong at $8.75 a blade.
Oct 22, 2019
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