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Nov 6, 2017
This lot is an interesting way of familiarizing yourself with MTG, but to anyone else it's someone else's garbage you're buying in bulk. If you're a noob and want a free way to understanding MTG you can try any of the free MTG digital games like Duels, and you'll be able to play people online. Or you could try MTGO which is the real deal and comes with a big bundle of cards with your account, but costs $10 to join, but then you'll have easy access to lots of excellent cards for just pennies and a huge community of players. In other words: do not buy this masspoo. And if this is like all the other mass drop MTG bulk sales, which had descriptions that were not representative of the actual item, and yet Massdrop still sells them anyway. They are trading your valuable paper money for duplicitous paper cards.
Nov 6, 2017
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