Munchkin Blister Booster Packs (5-Pack)
Munchkin Blister Booster Packs (5-Pack)
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Product Description
If you want to add some intrigue to your next session of Munchkin, but you don’t want to spring for entire new set, check out these Blister Booster Packs. This drop features five different packs, each with a different theme Read More
  • Compatible with the Munchkin base game
  • Not a standalone game
  • Munchkin Undead Blister Booster Pack
  • Munchkin Puppies Blister Booster Pack
  • Munchkin Dragons Blister Booster Pack
  • Munchkin Knights Blister Booster Pack
  • Munchkin Princesses Blister Booster Pack

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