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Jul 28, 2014
While "entry level" audiophile turntables have definitely become more upmarket over the years, I must say that the differences between a Shure M97xE cartridge equipped Audio Technica AT-LP60 ($197 total from Amazon Prime) and an MMF-2.2 or Debut III Carbon are negligible, at best. Hum is and will be an issue on any sub-$500 table, except for the Rega RP1, which easily is the best long-term purchase, but still a poor purchase, in the segment.
I did own, for a time, the Audio Technica and Shure combo; it easily matched, in every which manner, the Debut Carbon that I had purchased to replace it. I only found a meaningful upgrade with the Pro-ject RPM 5.1 SE that I was able to have bundled with the Blue Point Special Evo III for $1100; while I might admit that some might believe to hear a couple hundred dollars difference between a well-equipped consumer table and an entry level audiophile component, my under-26-year old ears sure as hell can't.
For reference, my current stereo setups (home theatre and living room both excluded) are as follows: Home stereo RPM 5.1SE with Blue Point Special Evo III and Lehman Audio Black Cube Pioneer VSX-52 (upgrade pending; don't worry) Monitor Audio RX8
Office stereo CEntrance HifiM8 HD800
Mobile stereo Ultimate Ears Reference Monitor Fiio X5
Jul 28, 2014
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