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Oct 28, 2019
Just got mine a couple days ago... way sooner than the expected delivery specified in the drop. This tool is quite solid and well-built. There's a nice positive click on the small tools (bottle opener, etc) and the knife/saw have solid liner-lock mechanisms. The knife blade is reasonably sharp right out of the box. The scissors are fantastic. They're large, strong, and sharp. They steal the show on this tool. They're spring-loaded like the pliers and both are very smooth. If you don't want / need the scissors, maybe look elsewhere as they do add a bit of bulk / weight. Speaking of weight, it comes in at 8.75 oz on my scale... compared to 8.5 for the Leatherman Wave. I don't care that it doesn't come with a sheath... It fits perfectly into a Condor belt TQ pouch, which is part of my bugout kit. I'm sure it's made of inferior materials compared to the Wave, and I don't know how it'll stand up to daily use compared to a Wave. But price is probably the biggest reason people buy this and for $30 doesn't disappoint. I'm very happy with it.
Oct 28, 2019
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