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Mar 7, 2018
As others have mentioned, they shipped the regular Glo Toob AAA, not the Pro AAA. Specs on the Pro are better (longer run time, better water proof depth) and it has a slightly different design.
I also got the email before receiving my order, and options were a full refund with $5 credit on next Massdrop, or keep your order with a $10 discount on each unit ordered. Original drop price $19.99 each. Ordered 2, and with shipping to Canada at $5.25 ($45.23 tota) and no taxes, each one cost less than $16 Cdn after the discount ( - $20) and exchange rate. I think Massdrop handled this properly, and am happy with my order at the final price.
edited to add: I should note that getting the regular Glo Toob AAA in Canada, I'm looking at $30 and up, and significantly more for the Pro. charges a lot more to ship here, and has higher list prices.
Mar 7, 2018
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