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Nov 13, 2019
I recently found myself in the market for a flashlight with the ability to dazzle/disorient ne'er-do-wells and this one seemed to fit the bill. When I received it, I put in four Amazon Basics AAs (I appreciate the comments about no orientation markings on the tailcap, so I knew to pay attention to springs), fired it up, and... the light went out. Weird. I'd turn it on, pick a mode, and then it would go out. Or I'd force turbo mode and then it would go out. Weird, weird, weird. It dawned on me that -- not wanting to strip the threads on the tailcap (thank you also to those who commented about that) -- I'd probably been a little too gentle with the tightening, so I removed the tailcap, pushed down on it before catching the thread and tightening as far as it would go, and... now all is good. No weird power off problems and, just to make sure, I smacked the side and bottom pretty hard a few times to see if that would make it power off and it didn't. So long as I don't have any more spontaneous power-off weirdness, I'm happy with it. Thanks!
Nov 13, 2019
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