Nitecore TIKI 300-Lumen Keychain Flashlight
Nitecore TIKI 300-Lumen Keychain Flashlight
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You never know where you’ll be when you need a flashlight. Keep one with you at all times with the Nitecore TIKI: an ultra-compact keychain flashlight with four brightness modes Read More

Hello? Hello? Anyone out there? Does anyone every tell us when this will be shipped? I contacted customer support and no word back.
Just wondering when we can expect this to ship? Any word?
Nov 22, 2020
We need to stop designing products with built-in rechargeable batteries. You can't just swap in fresh batteries and be ready to go when it's dead. Over time that battery dies and is not easily serviceable. Even with convenience aside, it's against any eco-friendly concept when the device has a limited useful life and has to be replaced or recycled when you could have just made it to use commonly available batteries which can be rechargeable if the user wants. These built-in battery devices all end up in a landfill.
Nov 19, 2020
Not a bad price. I've had a RovyVon Aurora with UV and several other features on my keychain for a few years and I love it. I had a tiny little Nitecore led keychain for a few years before that. With this listing being a Nitecore - which I've had nothing but good experiences with - and for $20, I'm tempted to get one just to test it out. If I like it I'll probably switch my keychain's RovyVon Aurora to this Nitecore because my 5 year old nephew has been obsessed with my tiny RovyVon. If I don't like this Nitecore I'll just give it to my nephew because he'll love it regardless, haha. It's amazing what LEDs have done for flashlights, tvs, the entire world... and my biggest hobby, reefing (saltwater aquariums focused on live corals).
Nov 19, 2020
Same price on Amazon. Not really a deal.
Nov 21, 2020
I'm seeing $19.95 on Amazon with 2 day shipping as well.
Nov 28, 2020
I see 19.95 now too, looking at the price history it looks like it dropped (🤣) about 30 minutes after I looked at it 🤣. Bad timing I guess, good thing I didn't buy.