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Jun 30, 2014
So far I am very impressed by the TM26. It is wife annoying bright and the runtime is the best by far of any of my lights. At 150 lumens, I turned it on in the morning and 8 hours later it was only showing one bar below full charge. The Olight batteries are perfect with the light. When I got them the were at mid- charge but fully supported all the functions of the light including the Turbo mode with no complaints. I put them on the internal charger and 4 hours later they were fully charged and good to go. I've been using the light regularly and have yet to see the charge bar move off full bars. This is subjective of course, but this light will be the one I go to when I absolutely need to have light and lots of it.
I went into an interior room in the house with no windows, shut the door and turned on Turbo mode in complete darkness. Bouncing the light off a painted ceiling made it so bright I had to look down at the floor to shade my eyes. is reduced to high mode and it was still brighter than the light fixture in the room. Awesome.
Jun 30, 2014
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