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Jun 25, 2017
It SHOULD come with batteries as one of the images (AI7B1946_copy_20170620112612.jpg) shows them and there is no caption (that I can see) stating "batteries not included", the nitecorestore (MSRP) listing clearly shows batteries as being included. If they don't plan to include batteries then it's not an apples to apples saving on the stated $400 MSRP (my guess is $330 is the MSRP without batteries), the IMR batteries are $18 each on Amazon, so $72 total, it would really be more like $325 to $265 which is not much of a saving at all. Shipping was expensive so I hope that includes the weight of the batteries. Also why would you limit to 45 units if it's close to the street price, fasttech has this for $330 without batteries (includes free shipping worldwide, this drops shipping was $32.25), so for me $330 - $32.25 = $297.75 is really my (without batteries) street price, so this drop without batteries is only a $30 saving for me. Nitecore if this does not include batteries please add them.
Jun 25, 2017
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