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Sep 17, 2019
A nice surprise.
This is my first electro-capacitive keyboard, so it's certainly something different, but I'm loving it. The soft bottom out combined with the silencing rings gives the nicest subtle "thock" sound I'm craving in a keyboard. I like:
  • EC at a relatively affordable price
  • thiccc PBT key caps with little warping and crisp legends
  • stabilizers were adequately lubed out of the box
  • solid but not too heavy, great for travel
  • silent. The quietest keyboard I own, mechanical or otherwise.
  • 3 adjustable actuation points? cool.
  • pretty much completely programmable with 2 unique function layers.
I don't like:
  • key caps are laser engraved, but they're MX compatible so you can replace them.
  • except for the dumb, dumb spacebar size. why, oh why would you have an MX-compatible stem but then put on non-standard key cap sizes.
  • The included full size backspace is non-standard, but I appreciate the thought of having the key cap available to switch between split and full-size backspace. I just ended up programming the pipe key to backspace anyways, like the HHKB.
  • 35g domes are really, really light. I had to put on the included 10g springs (underneath the keycaps) to add enough pressure to prevent just the weight of my fingers to actuate the keys accidentally. Luckily, you can put in any aftermarket Topre domes to make it how you like it.
  • software kinda sucks to work with, but once you flash the layers you want, you don't have to use it again.
Overall, I really like it. It's my daily driver.
Would recommend to a friend.
Feb 24, 2020
happaThe purpose of this spacebar size is to increase the real-world usefulness of the spacebar and the adjoining keys. It's designed for users, not prettifiers. There are plenty of keyboards with less useful but more moddable spacebars. It's a smart thing, not a dumb thing.
Apr 23, 2020
DWawaSounds dumb to me
Aug 30, 2021
happaThe whole space bar row isn't standard (standard would be 1.25u for every modifier & 6.25u space bar) but the Lctrl. Also that's quiet normal on 65% boards, they somehow need space for the arrow keys. On a full-size gaming board it would indeed be unforgivable (looking at you Razer, Logitech & Co.).
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