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Aug 5, 2017
A week late to ship, charged $9.50 for FEDEX SMART POST shipping from 15min from my house. Took 5 days in transit, and USPS is currently unable to find my package. Massdrop is not responsible for USPS, but charging $9.50 for FedEx smart post is rediculous.
Shipping a $300+ package FedEx smart post in the first place is pathetic. I work in e-commerce, we won't ship a package over $15 ups mail innovations, and stopped using smart post entirely due to this sort of issue. If Massdrop is going to charge such high shipping charges, they have a hell of a lot of nerve using bargain basement services the way they do.
I may very well dispute these charges with American Express, as I never received the package and the tracking shows it wasn't delivered, and leave the other drops I've joined. I'm sure plenty of people see the deals here and think they will receive the product they pay for, good luck with that.
Massdrop, you should be ashamed of yourself charging $9.50 for the cheapest possible shipping method available to you. If you need to charge $10 more to make the drop profitable, don't lie and hide it in the shipping charge.
Aug 5, 2017
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