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Mar 9, 2016
Check this out - '...NuForce has built a powerhouse solid-state Class A bitchin' little amplifier in their HA-200, and they have reason to be proud. I hold the NuForce monoblocks responsible for my recent bouts with insomnia, because the music is so infectious with them in the system that the music keeps me going through the night. They've even helped me push through and get some work done when I was ready to fall over. That sounds like a better recommendation than my glowing praise...', and the whole review seems to be very thorough:
Here is a couple more reviews worth checking out: - it is another one where the reviewers have been 'blown away', they of course dislike the apparent inability to control the volume of 2-stack as one - these guys also like it a lot, they note one of the pros being 'Surprisingly low price for such great performance' and this is considering MSRP.
This thing is tempting :/ really tempting, and that ain't good at all :( I already have quite good fully balanced class A amp (Yulong A28, I think is great actually). Would it be an upgrade of sort? Possibly, but how does one know without A-B-ing them.
What is tempting here is that two of these are not only cheaper, but will have truly/physically separate left/right circuits with no chance for interference, however minute that might be. And the built looks good, weighs almost 5 lbs, each channel with it's own toroid transformer and pretty sizable too, and easy to upgrade the opamp (OPA2134) with many options including top discrete models ... Oh shoot, I gotta quit working myself into buying two of these, because I don't need them ... I don't need, I don't need, I don't need, I don't need ... but Gollum wants precious ...
Mar 9, 2016
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