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Dec 6, 2017
I have to say that out of all of my IEMs, I personally prefer the HEM8 over them for the type of music that I listen to. This is what I own/owned:
NuForce HEM8 NuForce Primo8 Westone 4R (which are now broken) UE 900S Noble X Kinera H3 TFZ Series 5S Etymotic ER-4S FutureSonics Atrio m6 FutureSonics Atrio m5 BrainWavz S5 Westone TS1 Klipsch X4i Blue Ever 328R NVX IE2GR NVX IE3RC NVX IEWR2

I have the 1MORE Quad on order.
Even though my pair of HEM8 did have an issue where one of the BA on the right side blew out after 4 months of usage, Optoma USA did replace them without any issues once I gave them the serial number and recipt of purchase from Massdrop. It took about a month to receive the replacement, but they were great in replacing the faulty IEM.
If I were to rank the top 5 of what I own, it would be:
1. HEM8 2. Noble X 3. Westone 4R 4. UE 900S 5. Kinera H3
I listen mainly to hard rock/heavy metal on an iPod or a smartphone with a DAC chipset built-in, and I tend not to listen to lossless music (which is why I didn't splurge for the Noble K10 because I figured to be able to take advantage of all the drivers, would need to convert all my music to lossless as the IEMs are only as good as the source of the music and the device driving it).
Dec 6, 2017
Jan 26, 2018
I went through 3 pairs of the HEM8 in less than 6 months consistent failure of the BA on the right hand side. Has to be a manufacturing defect of some kind. Finally sold thew last warrantied pair new unopened and it failed a week after shipping to the new owner. Too bad they did some wonderful when they worked.
Jan 26, 2018
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