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Jan 9, 2020
So I'm a noob at audiophile stuff. Little by little I'm trying to get into it. I DON'T have the biggest budget in the world but I was curious of these HEM6s (Especially now that it's a 100$). Now recently my dad bought me the WF1000XM3s... except they have major software issues and needs to wait for a while before updates fixes all those issues. I love to listen to my small FLAC collection but always wanted to be somewhat wireless with it (Normally listen on my Desktop), I thought about getting the FiiO BTR5 with these HEM6s for it. Only thing I'm worried about is if these match (I think the output of the BTR5 does have an impedance output of 32 at 80mw for it's 3.5mm HP Out and 32 at 240mw for it's 2.5mm Balanced. I want to understand the necessary technical jargon behind all this but so far of what I understood is that to make sure it's not underutilized is to match the impedance [Also given that the HEM6 is at an impedance of 37 and I'm worried the mismatch would be just a headache then on when being used]. Please direct me in the right direction and correct me if it's wrong or is something mismatched) I've been slowly building my collection and still am, I live sometimes with a lot of mental stress, I just thought music helps me the most so i'm willing to bump up the scale of what I can enjoy now than later. Any advice is appreciated. Cheers!
Jan 11, 2020
JehanRockThe BTR5, and most other DAC/Amps (including phones), should have no problem powering these. It's not necessary to exactly match the output impedance of an amp to the impedance of your headphones (good luck trying that). The only times when output impedance is an issue is for amp-picky headphones, which most IEMs are not. In fact, the BTR5 has enough power to drive high impedance headphones sufficiently, so it's more than overkill for most IEMs.
Feb 12, 2020
JehanRockI think you can hardly use it with 2.5mm Balanced, since its connection is proprietary and nuforce does not produce any balanced cable.
Apr 7, 2020
NEXONUSMy BTR5 can drive even my HD6XX (300Ohm) headphones with their included non-balanced cables, just fine at reasonable volumes. It should have no problems driving Hem6 or Hem8's.
Jun 29, 2020
FableTsuiYou can actually run these of balanced! The generic 0.78 2 pin connectors work. They just look a little awkward. I went from liking the HEM8 to loving them when I got a working balanced cable(my amp has more juice from the 2.5mm slot). The tripowin cables on massdrop work fine however there might be some Quality control issues with them
Jun 30, 2020
AudazedI tried with two generic 0.78 2 pin cables. They have sound weird to me, like something is reversed.
Jul 24, 2020
FableTsuiInteresting! They sounded fine to me. I don't know if flipping the pins might have an effect on the sound
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