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Oct 18, 2014
Got these on the 14th. First impressions were good, the build quality was solid, included cables were pretty nice, and when i put them on they felt comfortable. Then i plugged them in... While the mids were nice and clear the highs were ear piercing, and the rubber band started hurting my head after wearing them for more than 2 hours. Luckily the rubber band issue was easily fixed, I took the padding from a shoulder strap from one of my bags and but it on the rubber band, that made the headphones much more comfortable. Soundwise, looks like the drivers just had to burn in, every hour i listened to them, they highs got nicer and warmer. Now after around 21 hours nonstop playback, then headphones sound really nice. Not only for the price, but in general! The only 2 issues I still have with them are the rubber headband, i think NuForce should have used some padding. And the other issue, are the small spaces for your ears in the cups, the padding on the caps is really thick, leaving little space for your ears. Luckily i have small ears, so they are comfortable, but for someone who wears earrings or has big ears, these headphones wouldn't be that comfortable.
Oct 18, 2014
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