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Aug 9, 2014
All I can say after trying these out is that I'm really glad that I joined in on the Yuin PK2 sale at the last moment. I thought those were "pretty good but not amazing", but after listening to these I realized that 10 bucks was actually asking for a bit too much (whereas I felt the Yuin PK2's at 51$ was a pretty good deal). 5-6$ is more like it. Aside from the build quality they don't sound much better than a cheapo pair of on sale 3$ earphones I bought from Best Buy. I mean... it's just silly. Bass that drowns out pretty much everything. I literally had to stop my Touhou radio station and just switch back to my Yuin's. I guess they'll be my "leave at work in plain sight hoping that someone steals it" pair. Then again I'm not into bass, so maybe it's just personal preference. In fact I hope it is.
Aug 9, 2014
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