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Nov 1, 2016
Keep in mind reading some of the negative comments here. There is a huge selection bias. People satisfied with their item are not likely to leave any feedback. I remember having mixed feelings myself from reading some of the comments here after commiting to the September drop. Therefore, seeing a new drop, I figured I`d give my 2 cents on those earhones.
As a disclaimer, Im in no way an audiophile. That said, I enjoy the sounds of those NuForce. I find they sound better than my previous Klipsch S4a and and R6. What I really like are the foam tips as I find them to be a better insulator when using them in the subway/walking and more comfortable too, although it takes a good 30 secs to put them on properly. Durability wise, I have no complaint. After 2 month of light use, there are no defect. All in all, I'm completely satisfied with my purchase. I find it to be a really good deal and do no regret my purchase at all.
Nov 1, 2016
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