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Mar 7, 2017
Can someone post pictures of the "older" cables without the ear hooks? I'm curious about what the difference is.
I was in the previous drop for what I assume is the newer version. I wasn't aware there was an older version until it was mentioned in this drop. The ear hooks are actually pre-molded and can't really be reshaped. They are not memory wires so basically the shape you see in the pictures is the shape of the over-the-ear portion. This is a problem because the cables are literally over-the-ears because for me at least, they hover over my ears, they don't actually rest on top of my ears like other cables. Couple this with the MMCX connection and this means the cables swivel around a lot. There is a little nub on the proprietary cable which is supposed to prevent swiveling, but I've found this doesn't work. Basically, the cables can swivel around 90 degrees while I'm using them. I've actually stopped using these earphones because of this. I actually joined this drop for the "older" version in the hopes the cable is different.
I found it strange they reference this difference in ear hooks in the description, but don't provide pics of the older cable for comparison. Anyway, I just received my order today, but if the cable is the same, I won't need to open them up & can just give them away as a gift.
Mar 7, 2017
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