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Apr 11, 2017
I’m a tired of these little guys not getting any respect. So many “experts” on here! I got a “refurb” pair in the last drop and paid about $175 for them -- have used them extensively since then with an A&K 120, no dac/amp, in what I call “freedom mode”. I have been very satisfied with them. The imaging, frequency balance and instrumental timbre reproduction are especially impressive. Yes, they are bested on the AK by my JHA Laylas, but at the investment of $2800. IMHO, these get you 85% of the way there for less than two hundred bucks – makes a buy a no-brainer. BTW, I took them out of the box, put large Comply tips on them, and got a great fit first try. Caveats – the cables that came with my (V1) version of these are crap, they are improved by better wires. Also, if my experience was any gauge, don’t expect to get these when MD says – they took a lot longer to ship.
Apr 11, 2017
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