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Jul 2, 2017
Did some tip rolling for SQ. Please take with a grain of salt because my full size headphones are some modded Fostex ebonies. these headphones have quite the bass. My opinion is a little skewed because of that. Stock, Westone foam, Westone silicone, Shure foam, Shure silcone, Comply foam, Spinfit, Spiral Dot modded to fit.
These headphones really need tip rolling to find the ones you like best. For me, these iems with the stock tips has quite hot treble. This still happened with the modded to fit spiral dots, Westone silicone and the Spinfits. All of them to me were not listenable for any modern(ish) rock music.
All of the foam tips brought a better balance to the bass and treble. I liked them all. I definitely used a larger size than I expected. Definitely don't assume your size, try many. Comply was best, shure second, westone third.
The most surprising to me was the shure silicone. These are what came with my shure se215 blue spe (which i use spinfits on). The diameter of the sound opening on this ear tip is the smallest of the bunch. I bet it matches how the foam tips fit in my ear in terms of the diameter of the sound opening. I really like these as well. The benefit to me is not having to deal with how long it takes to put foam tips in and out of the ear.
I need to do more listening with the shure silicone and the foam to find my favorite for sound quality/balance. I am sure glad i did this because even with it's extraordinary midrange, I was really not liking the overall sound out of the box.
Jul 2, 2017
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